Smarter blinds with retrofitted motorisation.

Motorisation isn't only for brand new blinds. Upgrade your current blinds with effortless, luxury Somfy technology. It's super quick and easy to install, and what's more it's competitively priced too.

Can I retrofit my blinds?

Take our quick quiz to check if your blinds can be retrofitted with motorisation. If you're still not sure, call us to speak to one of our design consultants. We're here to help! Blinds manufacturers each tend to use different tubes and components and we can only retrofit certain models and blinds widths larger than 710mm.

Are your blinds from DIY Blinds?

You can add motorisation to your blinds.

Buy a motor

We've made retrofitting motorisation so easy.

Add motorisation to your current window furnishings to enjoy more precious time at home and take the hassle out of your everyday. You'll feel like a rockstar every time you open your blinds.

Installation is a breeze.

Add your new Somfy motor to your current blinds in 3 easy steps. No electrician required!

Effortless from morning to night.

Get on with your day, knowing you can control blinds from anywhere and they're scheduled to respond to your routine.

Protect your little ones.

No chains or cords means one less thing to worry about, when it comes to child safety.

Install in 3 easy steps

It really is so quick to retrofit your blinds with a Somfy Sonesse motor.

Step 1: Remove your chain drive

Unclip your roller blind and remove the chain drive with a gentle tug.

Step 2: Insert the motor

Grab your Somfy motor and slide it into the chain drive end of your roller blind. Be sure to line up your adapter and the tube profile so it slides in easily.

Step 3: Get ready to use your motorised blinds

Click your roller blind back into your brackets and you're ready to go! Use our easy, online guide to set up your Somfy remote.

How to set up your Somfy remote

Our blinds were so easy to retrofit. We love our new Somfy motors, they make life simple.
Josh and Jenna

Chains be gone!

For sleek and streamlined blinds just swap out your chains for a Somfy motor. Easy!

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Goodbye ugly chains!

It's so easy to slide out your blind's current chain drive and slide in a premium Somfy motor.

Timed to match your lifestyle

It feels great to no longer have to pull chains on your blinds. Open and close your blinds without needing to stop what you're doing.

Smarter, functional blinds that do more

Whether you're cooking or couch surfing, control your blinds without needing to stop what you're doing.

We're a busy family and motorisation is super easy!
Kyal & Kara

Keep your little ones safe.

Our motorised blinds have no chains, so there are no hazards for the little people in your life.

Let's get real about child safety.

Children love to climb and play, and don't understand the dangers of curtain cords and chains. Thanks to the sleek and minimal design of our motorised blinds, they are safe for kids to roam at home.

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No science degree needed.

Motorised blinds aren't just for tech geeks. Somfy's premium range of motors and accessories, are a joy to use and so easy you can set them up yourself.

Retrofit with Somfy Sonesse.

The perfect motor for retrofitting blinds. Somfy Sonesse 30 is a premium, battery powered motor.

Keep everything under control.

Choose exactly how you control your motorised blinds: remote, smart phone or voice activation.

Something for every window.

Motorised blinds are a sleek and smart addition to windows of any size.

Somfy Sonesse 30

Somfy's premium, battery powered motor. Designed so you can quickly install it to blinds you already own.


Somfy Sonesse 30

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Whisper quiet

Sleep easy knowing your blinds won't wake you (or your loved ones) up. Somfy's battery powered motors are designed to be whisper quiet, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Charge just once a year

Spend less time charging your blinds. Somfy’s fast-charging, built-in lithium ion battery lasts for almost a full year without a charge. As the battery runs low, an LED lights up to indicate it’s time to recharge with the Somfy motor charger.


Somfy Sonesse 30

Buy a motor

Quick and easy self-installation

Add a motor to your blinds in no time. Our battery powered motors come ready to install and you don't need any electrical knowledge. Bonus!

You're in complete control.

It's totally up to you, how you control your blinds. Choose the option that best suits your lifestyle: remote control, smart phone or voice control.

Somfy remote control

From $90

Depending on your home and blinds, select from our range of Somfy Situo remote controls allowing up to 5 motorised blinds to be controlled from the 1 remote.

For separate rooms like bedrooms that have one motorised blind, we recommend a one channel remote. For common areas such as a living room with multiple motorised blinds, we recommend a five channel remote.

How to set up your Somfy remote

Smart phone integration with Somfy Connexoon Hub


Enhance your motorised blinds with smart phone integration. Pair your motorised blinds with a Somfy Connexoon Hub and install the Somfy myLink app on your smart phone, to automate your window furnishings just the way you want.

How to program your Connexoon Hub

It doesn't get more effortless than using your voice to open and close your blinds, with a Somfy Connexoon hub connected to your voice assistant.
Alison Lewis - BuildHer Collective

Voice activated

Our motorised blinds can also be integrated with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT. By pairing your motorised blinds with a Somfy Connexoon Hub and your voice assistant, you can take advantage of voice activated features.

How to set up Connexoon and Alexa
How to set up Connexoon and Google Home

Amazon Alexa
Google Home
If This Then That

Retrofit solutions for so many blinds.

Simplify your life by motorising all your existing roller blinds.

Retrofit Roller Blinds

Motorise all your blinds.

Install a motor to every roller blind in your home, as long as each blind is between 710 mm and 3 metres wide. This includes double roller blinds, which you'll need two motors for and linked roller blinds.

See our motorisation accessories

Convert to smart blinds.

Somfy Sonesse 30

Perfect for retrofit blinds

Sound level
44 dBA
2.0 Nm
Adjustable speed
10-28 rpm
Battery life
10 months
5 years

Somfy Altus 28

If retrofitting get in touch

Sound level
54 dBA
1.5 Nm
Adjustable speed
10-28 rpm
Battery life
9 months
3 years


Add your accessories when you order your motors, or come back later and add them on.

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