Order lined curtains for winter! Pick a luxe sheer and add a lining to insulate your home and block cold draughts.

We're excited to announce that all our luxe sheers can now be lined. See below for details of our incredibly plush new product.

Twice the luxury: lined sheer curtains

Cecil Street lined curtains bedroom web

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Lining a premium sheer curtain is a designer's best kept secret.

Lined curtains inject soft texture into your home, whilst helping protect it from the outside elements. Our customers can now choose any sheer curtain in our range, and add a blockout lining. The two fabrics are joined together to form one plush lined curtain on a single track. They look fantastic and work really hard to insulate your home during the winter months.

Our linings are made of blockout materials, which block light from coming in and create total privacy when you need it. The blockout lining helps to absorb the sun's UV rays, and preserves your beautiful sheer fabric so it won't fade.

Alison Lewis chose to line sheers from our Allusion range, colour Rattan (see image above).

Enjoy better insulation and noise absorption

Ivy Huang lined curtains

Lined curtains are one of the most insulating window furnishings.

Lined curtains prevent heat from escaping via your windows. To help eliminate cold draughts choose floor-to-ceiling lined curtains, and go for a wall-to-wall look if possible. We can help you design, measure and install your curtains for maximum insulation.

They can also reduce outside noise like traffic, aircraft or your neighbours throwing a party. They create an extra barrier between the outside world and your home. In fact lined curtains are a great alternative to adding additional glazing to your windows (although combining lined curtains with double glazing would be the best option). Lined curtains can also help absorb internal sounds for better acoustics in your rooms.

Ivy Huang chose to line curtains from our Aurora range, colour Linen (see image above).

How to order lined curtains

  • Cecil Street lined curtains web
  • Cecil Street lined curtains readingroom web

You can now order lined sheer curtains on our website.

Follow our 4 easy steps to designer quality DIY lined curtains.

  1. Order your samples. Order your free samples for your sheer fabric and lining, and we'll express deliver them to your door.
  2. Measure up like a pro. Use our super handy guide to measuring your windows and get a quick price online.
  3. Customise your order. Pick your sheer fabric and your lining, then customise and order your lined curtains online. We'll take care of the rest.
  4. DIY install. We'll deliver your Aussie made curtains direct to you, then you install using our easy online guide to installing designer curtains.

Call us on 1300 918 390 to combine lined curtains with a curved track for your corner, box or bay windows. We can also help you source an extra special fabric that's not available in our online range (and pass on our trade discounts to you!).

That's it! The only thing you need to worry about is containing your excitement until your order arrives!