Blairgowrie Two project sees the creation of an incredibly sophisticated home; teeming with warmth and wondrous charm.

Situated amongst the beautiful scenery of Mornington Peninsula, the space boasts copious amounts of sunlight, green landscapes and a soft coastal palette.

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Blairgowrie Two

Seamless Function

Keeping effortless function and design aesthetics at the heart of the bedroom, built-in pelmets are thoughtfully introduced through collaboration with our design consultants. This sophisticated feature perfectly conceals the sheer curtain heading and completely covers the motorised roller blinds. The result is a seamless flow in the architecture and cornices of the abode.

Luxurious Additions

As the home lavishly bathes in abundant sunlight, sheer curtains that just touch the floor are used to complement the room and dress the expansive window space. Not only are they a luxurious addition but further provide an artful solution for privacy, warmth, and light filtering.

Flowing Access

Allowing the room to expand and connect with its outdoor landscape - the sheer curtains include multiple openings, offering fluid access to the extravagant windows and sliding door that opens to the pool and alfresco space.

Artful Solutions

Achieving a designer finish, the colour-matched pelmets help give off the appearance of beautiful sheer fabrics falling from the sky. To further the space, our roller blinds are paired with motorisation, boasting luxurious convenience and effortless usability all year round.

Coastal Sophistication

Imbued with coastal charm and natural sophistication, this project has resulted in the impressive creation of Blairgowrie Two - a light-filled sanctuary we could only dream of calling home.

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