A Loft of Fun

We first fell in love with Kyal and Kara when they appeared on The Block and have loved following their progress. Now we watch them undertake their first knock-down rebuild with the fabulous Blue Lagoon beachside family home. And the focus on family has never been more evident than in the designs for the kids’ bedroom, the toy room and, of course the dual-level rumpus room. All three rooms prioritise fun above all else, while still providing plenty of functional elements and while keeping with Kyal and Kara’s luxe coastal style.

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Stairway to Kid's Heaven

While the downstairs area in the rumpus room focuses on family time, the upstairs loft is all about the kids. And while you may think that the exposed beams or large windows are the hero of the space, in this room, it’s all about the helical staircase.

Windows on both sides of this large, bright room are dressed with our S Fold sheer curtains in Marzipan from the Allusion range, with the gentle folds in the curtains mirroring the curves in the staircase.

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Focus on Fun

If transforming a second kid’s bedroom into a dedicated toy room doesn’t scream fun and family, then we don’t know what does. The kids’ bedroom and the toy room have distinct difference but find harmony in similar design features including wood panelling in both rooms and sheer curtains that create a youthful, soft light. The use of Marzipan sheers in Allusion match the choice in the rumpus room and create a sense of cohesion throughout the three spaces.

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