With a renovation 10 years in the making, Susie and Brad brought their vision to life when they created their forever home in Hawthorn.

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Susie & Brad

Creating a forever home

As a calming sanctuary for their growing family and a retreat from their busy lives, Susie & Brad's home was truly a unique project. The curated design and bespoke window furnishings allowed them to navigate the long sunlight hours while complementing the tone and curves of their home.

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Minimalism with impact

With a streamlined appearance and a minimalist design, roller blinds are the perfect addition to this Hawthorn sanctuary. With the ability to control light, privacy, and temperature, roller blinds are a great choice for any home.

Functionality and Form

Not only are sheer curtains a showstopping addition to any entertaining space, but they also provide an element of functionality. Susie and Brad benefit from the privacy and the ability to shield themselves from the northern sun in their living areas.

Where design meets functionality

Susie and Brad included lined curtains in their home to maintain their ideal fabric & colour while gaining the functionality of blockout curtains. This let them navigate the challenge of letting in the morning or afternoon light, but reducing the heat at warmer times of the day.

Plan To Plan

Integrating your window furnishings into the pelmets can create the illusion of your blinds falling gracefully from the ceiling. Clean and minimalist with a big impact, this thoughtful detail has the power to maintain clean lines throughout your home.

“We wanted it to feel soft, organic, integrated, like we had really thought about it from the beginning. I would definitely advise to work with DIY Blinds early and think about what is the mood of the house that you want to create because blinds can make a huge difference.”

Susie & Brad

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