Jimmy Doo Farm is a loving reimagination of an old farmhouse turned stunning Snowy Mountain getaway.

Designed by the talented team at Future Flip, the space boasts a deep architectural influence, featuring gabled ceilings, connected open spaces and a charming quality throughout.

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Jimmy Doo Farm

Sheer Magic

Creating a warm and light-filled space for family and guests was a major design consideration for the home. To cultivate the cosy and inviting ambience, our sheer curtains work to promote abundant light and a comforting sense of airiness.

Privacy and Light

Bringing a perfect balance into the space, our sheer curtains in Allusion Rattan and roller blinds in Vivid Block White were introduced. The sheers add a warm and softening touch, while the blinds provide complete light blockout and privacy when desired.

Form and Function

Adding a touch of drama and accent to the space our sheer curtains in Cavalier Onyx (available on request via our incredible Design Consultants) are paired with our Vivid Block Charcoal/Black roller blinds. Together they check off both function and aesthetics, creating wondrous flow in the space and essential thermal insulation from the home's alpine landscape.

Timeless Touch

Furnishing the space in a moodier palette helped not only create a sophisticated feel in the home but also provide practicality to the rooms. Being a family home it was important for the window furnishings to be durable and withstand the test of time.

Charming Considerations

Nothing creates a designer look and feel in the home the way custom furnishings do. Using carefully curated window furnishings gave the home its own distinct flair and style, whilst opening up the rooms and creating a sense of space. The end result? An innately charming retreat, the perfect place to create heartfelt memories.

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