Modern Modernism

This brand new family home is an instant classic, mixing mid-century geometric shapes with modern tones for a timeless result. Backed by a stellar team of professionals including JBM Builders, designer Melissa Vukadin and interior stylist Kimberley Baker and of course DIY Blinds, the home combines textures with a soft yet minimal palette for a tranquil sanctuary.

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Shop the look

Textures and Tones

The key to the success of this home was Melissa’s ability to combine different textures with a minimal colour palette. This allows the geometric features of the home, like these floor-to-ceiling tiles to stand out, while our S Fold sheer curtains offer a diffused light that pairs with a muted palette to soften the overall feel of the room.

Shop the look

Shop the look

Forget the spotlight, it’s all about natural light

Sheer S Fold curtains from our Audiance range, in 'Natural' colour, were the ideal choice for this modern family home. The diffused natural light softens harsher textures while also highlighting and enhancing the combinations of textures. The sophisticated muted palette adds to the effect for an unforgettable residence.

Beyond Windows

Who ever said curtains had to go on windows? Kyal and Kara expertly break the rules, using our Aurora dimout curtains as a room divider over a stunning arch that separates the living and dining area maximising space and natural light.

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