When Rebekah and the team from BuildHer Collective got in touch we knew we had to be involved. The result? An incredible collaboration that shows the impact window furnishings can have to elevate the ambience and functionality of a home.

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Rathmines South House

A Curvaceous Treasure

With crisp white curves both inside and outside the house, this home is a modern classic that won’t soon be forgotten.

Clever Curves

With a house that was all about curves, our custom curved curtain tracks were an easy choice. By taking the curtain stack around the corner and away from the wall-to-wall windows, we were able to maximise light, showcase the impressive windows and stunning architectural voids - achieving harmony with the rest of the home.

An Incredible Feat

Sheer curtains in ‘Frost’ from the Burano range extend far beyond the tops of the window, drawing your eye up and accentuating the 4.5 metre ceilings in the living area while maintaining a softness and femininity within the space.

The Perfect Fit

Sleek recessed roller blinds in ‘Ice’ from the One Block range, allow the custom sunken lounge to be the hero of the room. Choosing a motorised blind, removes the need for chains, eliminates any visual clutter and adds the benefits of complete light control at the touch of a button.

Alluring Street Appeal

The curves start before you enter the house with the instantly recognisable façade providing effortless street appeal. The white bricks are the perfect textural backdrop for the native plants in the front yard.

Backed By Function

Lined curtains provide the ultimate in form and function, maintaining the curated continuity of fabrics and textures throughout the home, while a stitched on blockout backing adds the functionality of light control required in a bedroom.

Gorgeous Curves

The soft curves of the S Fold curtain capture the light in entertaining spaces, create intimacy in a space otherwise characterised by masculine lines and void spaces.

A Grand Entrance

Curtains frame the entrance to the entertainer’s courtyard. The outdoor fireplace makes it the perfect location for outdoor events all year round.

A Natural Solution

Filtered sunlight through the Burano sheers in colour ‘Frost’, illuminate and complement the natural linen, while hiding the motorised blockout roller blinds that can be scheduled to open and close at your preferred time of day for a seamless night-time routine.

Subtle Sophistication

Floor-to-ceiling curtains highlight the height of the room, while a slight puddling of the material on the floor adds a subtle sense of sophistication without being over the top.

Seamless Connection

The Rathmines South House is all about its relationship with the outdoors, so we needed to select window furnishings that emphasise this connection. The soft greys and linen-look texture of the curtains provide a natural textural element that seamlessly transports you between the spaces.

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