A Design Masterclass

The Designory’s director Melissa Bonney had a vision for The Barefoot Villa. She wanted to create a luxurious getaway with the soul of a home. Melissa says, “We filled this home with carefully curated selections from businesses we really believe in. The home is as much a testament to them as it is to our design team…”. Discover the DIY Blinds range used to achieve Melissa’s vision.

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Let there be light

Filled with skylights and louvred windows, The Barefoot Villa’s design is all about letting in as much light as possible. Sheer curtains help create privacy without losing the natural light the team worked so hard to incorporate into the design.

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Shop the look

The perfect blend

Our Aesop range was the perfect choice for The Designory’s luxurious holiday home. The 50-50 linen-poly blend allows for a durable finish without compromising on the style and luxury that linen provides, while the choice of sheers in parchment create a perfect backdrop that works with design elements in every room.

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