Maximalist design is all about more is more. Go big with colours, patterns, textures and shapes to make a serious statement.

Tone on tone

Expect colour on colour on colour to be big this season. To do this well, start with a feature you love and work around it. Sea green tiles might inspire a different shade of green on the wall and a third shade in details around the mirror or accessories.

Create a jewel in the crown

If maximalist interiors make you a little nervous, start small. Incorporate colour in small spaces that see less foot traffic, such as a downstairs bathroom, walk-in robe or study. You’ll make a statement in one space without overpowering the whole home.

Choose patterns and colour

Colour doesn’t have to be restricted to big blocks on walls or tiles. Using patterns can turn a nondescript space into a feature. Geometric patterns are on-trend this season and when paired with colour make an even bigger impression.

Use luxe fabrics

One thing that makes colour even more impressive is the right fabric. Velvets, silk sand satins bring a maximalist punch to a room, particularly if they’re used to make a feature out of a certain space. Deep jewel tones such as theWarlock curtain in Lipstick create drama and draw your eye to a focal point.

Add an element of surprise

True maximalism includes surprising touches of colour and texture. Whether it’s a splash of colour to some stairs, an unexpected tile on a kitchen island, or patterns around a fireplace, it’s about little quirks that add joy to normally nondescript spaces

Discover the joy

While minimalist design is about paring everything back to its functionality, maximalist design is about experiencing joy. But, that doesn’t mean throwing all your favourite things into one space. Choose a few statement pieces, plus some colours and fabrics, then start to build the space slowly from there. When you have a solid base, you’ll be able to build a cohesive look.

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