The Japandi trend

A mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles – encourages balance. Sleek lines are paired with natural, organic textures, and touches of strong colour are added to muted palettes. The result? A calm, relaxing environment that’s effortlessly liveable.

Outdoor connection

Create an inside space where you can still engage with the outside. Framing windows with Sheer Curtains so you can see outdoors, as well as Light Filtering Blinds to diffuse natural sunlight, can help increase the feeling of space and light.

Choose natural

Use relaxed, natural elements to counteract sleek countertops and straight lines. Handmade vases, offcuts of plants or trees and plenty of relaxed greenery bring a calming effect to the space.

Layer fabrics

Turn a minimal Scandi space into a Japandi space by using layers. This is easily done with window furnishings. Roller Blinds in the window recess are a functional way to block out light and bring in some privacy. Layer them with Sheer Curtains that add softness to a room. To amp up the relaxed vibe, choose a puddled finish.

Add a strong colour

Tie your Japandi styling together by using small amounts of strong colour. Dark brown or black can be a clever way to add some depth to a space without being overpowering. Whether you’re using it on small pieces of furniture, customised curtain tracks, or accessories such as plant pots, it’s a great way to ground the space.

Mix function with flow

While the Scandi trend is about paring things back so they’re entirely functional, Japandi adds some quirky elements to the mix. That could be a console table with curves instead of straight edges, adding a soft wave to a room with a S Fold curtain, or adding a splash of colour with your furniture choices.

Include texture

Organic textures add softness to marble benchtops, tiled floors and sleek furniture. Jute, rattan and linen all work brilliantly. Look for rugs, baskets, and light shades as small, impactful touches. Add window furnishings such as Roman Blinds and Sheer Curtains as different fibres that bring contrast to a space.

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