Product FAQs

How do I choose a roller blind?

When choosing a roller blind in the Australian context, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Material:
Roller blinds come in various materials such as blockout, sunscreen, and light-filtering.

- Blockout blinds offer maximum privacy, thermal insulation and light control.
- Sunscreen blinds allow natural light to filter through, daytime privacy and the ability to see the view outside.
- Light-filtering blinds provide protection against harsh Australian UV rays, reduce sun glare, and filter light, offering complete daytime and limited nighttime privacy.

When choosing material, consider your requirements and preferences.

2. Size and Fit:
Measure your window accurately to ensure the roller blind fits appropriately. Consider whether you want a Recess Fit ("inside mount"/ within the window frame) or a Face Fit ("outside mount " /covering the entire window frame). Also, consider any obstructions like handles or window cranks, tiles, skirting boards, etc., that may affect the fit.

3. Style and Design:
Roller blinds come in various colours, patterns, and textures. Choose a style that complements your decor and enhances the room's aesthetic. Consider the colour scheme and how the back fabric of the blinds will look from the outside for the best appeal, furniture, and overall ambience when selecting. For more advice, we recommend reading this guide on How to Choose Fabrics and Colours for Roller Blinds.

4. Operation:
Decide on the type of operation you prefer. Roller blinds can be operated manually with a chain, cord, or motorised for convenience. Motorised blinds allow for remote control or integration with smart home systems.

5. Budget:
Determine your budget range and explore options within that range. Roller blinds can vary in price depending on the material, size, and additional features. Consider the long-term durability and quality of the blinds when making your decision.