Product FAQs

I want my chain on the opposite side.

No problem, you can do it yourself.

  • 2020 help 05 A facefit roller blinds A

    Remove your brackets
    If you have a pelmet, take it down before you start.

    At the top of your blind, on the pin end side, rotate the clear plastic cog anti-clockwise. This will retract the pin away from the bracket, just enough for you to remove that side of the blind completely. Then take the opposite side of the blind out of the bracket.

    Now you can use your cordless drill with the Phillips head drill bit to remove the screws, using the drill's reverse function. Then take down your brackets.

  • 2020 help 05 B facefit roller blinds B

    Swap the end caps
    Lay your blind on a clean floor and pull out each end cap.

    Swap them over, then insert them back into your blind. Remember the chain drive end needs to go on the side where you want your chain.

  • 2020 help 05 C facefit roller blinds C

    Put your brackets and blind back up
    Then simply repeat from step 3 onwards of this guide to put your blind back up.