Product FAQs

It's hard to roll my blind up and down, or it's making clunking noises.

How to fix a blind chain ? We've got an easy fix for that.

  • 2020 help 03 A facefit roller blinds edit A

    Remove your roller blind
    At the top of your blind, on the pin end side, rotate the clear plastic cog anti-clockwise. This will retract the pin away from the bracket, just enough for you to remove that side of the blind completely. Then take the opposite side of the blind out of the bracket.

  • 2020 help 03 B facefit roller blinds B

    Adjust the hood position and click your blind back in
    Check that the hood over the chain is at 12 o'clock and the ACMEDA logo is at 6 o'clock.

    Gently slot the chain end back into the chain drive bracket.

    Then slot the pin end into the pin end bracket, until you hear a click.

  • 2020 help 03 C facefit roller blinds C

    Check the fit
    Check that your blind rolls up and down easily and smoothly, and you're done!