When Eliza and Liberty joined The Block, they had no renovation experience. A DIY Blinds’ Design Consultant stepped in to help.

Renovation newbies Eliza and Liberty admit they “had no idea where to start” when they took on the challenge of renovating one of the houses on The Block. Thankfully, a DIY Blinds Design Consultant was there to help. Our Design Consultants give free design advice on everything from the style of window furnishing that would suit your room, to the functionality behind it, and what colours would work in yourspace. “We had no clue if we should be looking at blinds, shutters or curtains,” admits Eliza. “Our consultant talked us through our options so we could make the right decisions."

Based in Australia, the DIY Blinds Design Consultants are available for Zoom consultations or phone calls. They can send swatches before or after your consultation so you can see and touch fabrics before making any final decisions. It’s also possible to get DIY Blinds to install your window furnishings in major metro areas in NSW, Qld and Vic.

“We met our amazing consultant in person,” says Eliza. “She brought lots of fabric swatches so we could see and touch everything before we made any decisions.”

“The process felt really collaborative,” says Liberty. “She was honest with us if she thought something wouldn’t work and helped us think of alternative solutions when needed.”

One of the key areas where the team needed some expert advice was around functionality. The sisters had double doors in their living area and were unsure of how to cover these while ensuring they were easily accessible.

“Our consultant advised installing motorised Blockout Roller Blinds in the recess so the doors were easy to use and the blinds could be moved quickly. Then she suggested adding S Fold curtains in a sheer fabric over the top to add some softness to the space,” says Liberty.


Windows that were hard to reach were also fitted with motorisation, this time for Roman Blinds. Motorisation provides a seamless practicality to a space with tricky windows or doors, while also removing the need for chains, making them a safer option for pets and children. They can also be controlled remotely, offering a level of privacy and security even when you might not be home.

The Design Consultant helped with other tricky spaces in the house too, providing alternatives where the team needed them.

“Some of our windows wouldn’t work with certain blinds because of the overall look we wanted to achieve,” says Eliza. “Our consultant helped us find solutions. She also made us think about the length of our sheer curtains and talked us through the benefits of having them puddled or just touching the floor. There were so many decisions that we just weren’t aware of, it was great to have someone talking us through it all.

”When Eliza and Liberty mentioned a nook in the children’s bedroom, their consultant came up with a clever device using sheer curtains to make a cubby house.“She helped us progress the idea and made it work,” says Liberty. “She offered advice on how we should hang them the curtains and made sure they were lined up with the functional blinds on the windows.”


With more tricky decisions than they could have anticipated, the team looked to their DIY Blinds expert to help guide them in making sure the house felt well put together, rather than lots of separate spaces.

“We assumed we had to have the same window covering in every room, but our consultant explained it was ok to have different options,” says Eliza.

From style to functionality, Design Consultants are on hand to help with every decision you might need help with. For Eliza and Liberty this included what colours to use.

“She advised us that even though we had white walls, a creamy coloured blind would work well against them,” says Eliza. The team chose the Linesque fabric in a Raffia colour in their master bedroom and Hazel LF in the ensuite.


The sisters couldn’t be happier with their experience. “It stopped us feeling so overwhelmed,” says Eliza. “I’d recommend everyone uses a DIY Blinds Design Consultant.”

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The Block 2023

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