There is no doubt that over the years, DIY roller blinds have become our most popular product amongst customers. With their simplicity and style, they are a functional solution that adds a professional finish to any room in the house. But just what is it about roller blinds that makes them such an appealing choice of window covering?


Thanks to our online DIY products, you can save on those extra costs you’d normally spend on installation services and retail chain prices. Roller blinds are smart, efficient, and super friendly on the pocket.

Stylish, modern look

Say goodbye to that 1950s fug of heavy curtains and thick drapes – sleek roller blinds can transform your room into a contemporary sanctuary thanks to their clean, simple lines and perfect fit against your windows.


Our products don’t require hours and hours of special dry cleaning care or hot steam pressing; simply give them a regular once-over dust or use a soft brush attachment to vacuum them during your annual spring clean. Depending on the fabric, some of our blinds rarely need much more than a wipe over with a soft microfiber cloth.

Offer great insulation

Roller blinds protect you from the elements. Block out the sun to keep cool during those long summer months while simultaneously insulating your house from cold window panes in the wintertime.

High durability

Constructed from tough steel tubes and strong, high-quality fabrics, our DIY roller blinds are guaranteed to last you for years. Unlike other blinds and curtains on the market, our fabrics are specifically treated to resist Australia’s harsh ultraviolet rays, ensuring your blinds don’t fade from sun damage over time.

We offer a wide range of modern blockout, sunscreen and light filtering fabric designs in an array of different colours. Whether you want to completely darken a room and provide maximum privacy or provide a screen for glare and harsh heat from the sun, we can make the blinds to suit your needs.