Stark minimalistic whites; contrasting monochromatic balances; soft shades of grey… you’d be forgiven for thinking colour is not exactly high on interior designers’ radars at the moment. While neutral tones are definitely all the rage in home décor right now, there are still plenty of opportunities to inject a dose of colour without rewinding your rooms back a decade or so.

Whilst still stuck in the gloomy midst of winter, we thought we’d brighten things up with a couple of tips for exploring colour combos that decorators are lovin’ at the moment…

Navy blue and dusty pink

Shades of pale pink underscored with grey are perfectly complemented by rich navy tones. We love the idea of deviating from the standard white walls and instead, pouring a gorgeous blush colour throughout your room, offset by sofas and bed linen in deep midnight hues. Choose soothing shades with soft vintage coral and beige undertones, or try powdery ballet-slipper pinks. Offset the scene with copper metallic accents and you’re well on your way to achieving a warm, contemporary and romantic vibe.

Gradients of grey broken up by pops of yellow

There’s a reason grey and yellow tend to bounce off one another in a really positive way: the calm, neutral ambience of grey can draw on the fun vibrancy of golden tones to create a gorgeous and engaging blend. Why not try a charcoal backdrop counterbalanced by signature pieces in bold mustards, or choose a silver-grey and pair it with specks of lemon for a softer look.

Bold colour blocking

If you’re more inclined towards bright and bold bursts of colour, you’re in luck – the phase of colour blocking hasn’t quite left the building yet. The quirky 80s vibe evoked by this trend means you have plenty of freedom in mixing up different colours and patterns – from burnt orange shades syndicated by royal blues to hints of hot pink and ruby against strong turquoise hues, colour blocking is the perfect way to introduce lively vibes into your home. Finish off the look with some striking retro pieces such as pop art for your walls and authentic op shop trinkets.

Emerald greens

Green is certainly making a comeback in home interior, but this time with a modern twist. Rather than the olive tones that you might have seen in the 50s, 60s and 70s, green is now being re-introduced into décor with a vengeance – we’re particularly loving rich emeralds combined with timber furniture and gilded golds for a stylish look bursting with character. Simply pop a few pots of succulents around the place and you’ll have yourself a deliciously homely vibe that’ll make you feel like you’re nestled in the heart of a rainforest.

Pastel rainbow

Think fairy floss shades of peppermint, frosty pink, subtle aqua and barely-there lilac – these are what essentially make up the pastel craze that has taken over the world at the moment. However, rather than diving head first into a pool of lolly-coloured hues, the key to achieving this look is in creating a perfect balance. Ensure you incorporate a healthy monochromatic mix of base greys, blacks and whites in order to avoid drenching your space in sweetness.