The Block’s Kyle and Leslie’s living and dining area shows how planning ahead can result in a sleek, streamlined outcome.

Planning a build doesn’t just mean thinking about walls and windows. Thinking ahead to how the structure of a home can accommodate window furnishings so they’re a seamless part of the space can turn a room from so - so to special. The Block Contestants Kyle and Leslie turned to DIY Blinds Design Consultants to help them plan custom window furnishings around the structure of their living and dining area, so they fit the room perfectly.

“When we started planning this room, we knew we wanted it to have a warm finish but feel really impressive too,” says Leslie. “To make this work we needed to draw people’s eye as high as possible so we could emphasise the ceilings.

”To implement this vision effectively, it was important to have a seamless effect between the ceilings and the curtains.

With a little planning, the couple were able to make inclusions in the room to avoid seeing a curtain track at the top of the windows.

“We asked the builder to include a pelmet that sat flush against the ceiling,” says Leslie. “Hiding the curtain track makes the space look elegant and considered. It means the curtains are an integral part of the space, rather than an afterthought."


The curtains also had to work around the feature beams on the ceiling.

“The Design Consultants at DIY Blinds advised that making sure the curtains sat flush on either side of the beams, would give us that streamlined look,” says Leslie. “We chose to be able to draw the curtains either way to make them flexible and allow access to the windows when necessary. All those little things that are thought about in advance are important; they make everything just a bit more cohesive and functional."


After the structural elements were sorted, Kyle and Leslie were able to custom-choose the length, fabric and colour of the curtains.

“We were working fast, we needed to have as much locked in as early as possible,” says Leslie. “DIY Blinds Design Consultants spoke to us on Zoom and sent samples so we could touch and see exactly what we were choosing."

The couple chose S Fold curtains in a sheer fabric. “They bring a beautiful soft light to the space,” says Leslie. “The linen vibe adds a gorgeous texture too."

”The point where the living room and kitchen meet was also cleverly and deliberately planned."

“We wanted to bring continuity to the space, but make it easy to use the door,” says Leslie. “The curtains meet and look as one but are actually separate pieces. This means they can be moved individually and gather to the corner if they need to be out of the way.”

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Kyle and Leslie’s living space is North-facing, which means the afternoon light can be harsh. To give some flexibility to how the room is used, they added Blockout Roller Blinds behind the sheer curtains.

“The blinds sit in the recess so they’re barely visible when they’re open,” says Leslie. “But they allow the room to be used at different times of day.”

Once again, the pair’s pre-planning meant they could install motorised blinds from the get-go. This allowed them to put power points in convenient places around the room, as well as bring some extra functionality to how the windows are used.

“If the sheers are closed, you can move the blinds up and down without having to open the curtains,” says Kyle.


The couple believes thinking about their window furnishings during the planning phase of the build has truly enhanced the space.

“People often focus on paint or flooring when they’re thinking about how a room will look at the end, but window furnishings are such a big part of a house,” says Leslie. “Curtains, blinds or shutters shouldn’t be an afterthought–they can make or break the look of a room."


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