When striving to create a statement in the home, most people will immediately opt to incorporate healthy doses of colour and patterns. However, textures also have the power to fashion a big impact in a small space.

Layers of textures work to add a dimensional feel to the room. They harbour the ability to create focal points, and are often more interesting than colours and patterns as they not only appeal to the visual senses, but the tactile as well. Furthermore, textures are a particularly convenient way of generating a modern style as they are often temporary fixtures for the room as opposed to the paint on the walls or the patterns of the carpet. Hence, you can continuously update your room’s look according to the seasons without spending a small fortune!

It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that like many elements of interior design, there is a certain skill in crafting the right effect. When textures are applied incorrectly, it can make a space look cluttered and dilute that impact you are after. We have prepared several elements to consider when looking to blend textures in your room so you can achieve the most optimal effect for your sacred space:

Remember that opposites attract

When looking at different textures, keep in mind that smooth verses rough, sleek verses nubby and coarse verses fine. Try pairing fur cushions with marble surfaces; timber furniture with plush fabrics; and so on.

Combine textures in a concentrated area

By adding rich layers of different textured cushions to a couch or feature rugs on top of carpets, you will create an inviting atmosphere in your home that works to encourage visitors to touch, feel and experience your design.

Blend similar textures of the same colour palette

If you are looking for a more harmonious look, choose items that share the same shades and tones but contrast slightly in texture. This will help you strike the perfect balance of union and distinction.

Create comfort

When you layer different types of textures in rugs, fabrics, blinds and artwork, you help build comfort in your space and a cosy ambience to the environment.

Be cool

ou can make a big impact by using shag rugs, leather, fabrics and metals in the one space as long as you do it smartly. Give yourself boundaries when experimenting with textures in order to avoid overdoing it.