No matter how much love you pour into your room, at times it can feel like it is lacking a certain zest. You’ve followed the standard rulebook and done everything right, so what’s making you feel like there’s something a little off within that beautifully-curated interior you’ve spent hours over?

Well, often your space simply requires a few minor tweaks that you wouldn’t normally think of implementing (unless you were a design pro already). To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top secrets to unearthing that sense of interior pizazz you so highly desire.

Fake height with low furniture

When your space is feeling a little cramped, it could be due to the proportions of your furniture. A tasty tip for opening up your room and giving it more volume is to throw some low-height pieces in there, such as a small stool or cosy armchair.

Give your window trims a splash of colour

This is one of the most overlooked opportunities to make a statement in your space, but it can truly make all the difference. Some designers are prone to painting window trims green in order to blend in with the landscape, or drenching them in a pitch black hue to create statement-stirring optical illusions when night time falls.

Give a bit of warmth with mirrors

If your space is feeling a little chilly and clinical, some stylish and elegant mirrors could be the key to shifting that atmosphere towards something a little more inviting. Be careful not to simply slap up large sheets of mirrors though, as this comes off looking commercial and hotel-y – rather, choose intricate designs and patterns.

Lacking windows? Paint your ceiling to brighten up the room

Although it may seem controversial to mismatch your walls and ceiling, plenty of designers deliberately choose to paint the ceiling in a totally different shade in order to inject a light and airy feel to the room. Giving it just a slightly paler colour is enough to totally change your perception of the room, and is particularly ideal when working with limited windows or floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Mix, don’t match, your tableware

It goes against all the traditional norms, but matching your tableware can really be overrated in this day and age. Essentially, it harnesses the potential to leave your space feeling like a generic display showroom rather than a reflection of your vibrant personality. Why not try choosing antique china and silver flatware sourced online or from your local op shop? Even tiny details like this are enough to send your space soaring to statement-making heights.

A straw rug might just be that staple you need

Although straw has long been a material reserved specifically for outdoor use, plenty of designers now infuse it in their interior spaces as well. Natural materials and neutral tones such as straw, jute and rush are incredibly chic and richly textural, providing a great canvas to spice up your room and give it that oomph you’re looking for.