We fully understand the woes of working with confined living spaces. Even if you don’t have a lot of stuff, it can still be tough trying to find spots to squeeze in all those essential items while still striking a good aesthetic balance.

Rather than trying to slot everything in like an intense game of Tetris, why not maximise on your poky little place by exploring a few creative avenues?

Turning your cramped hidey hole into a cosy haven is simple with just a few innovative methods…

Let the light flow in

As you’ve probably heard, light is a key factor for opening up spaces and making them seem larger than they actually are. For this reason, rich and heavy curtains are a big no-no when it comes to treating your windows in a small room. Instead, make the most of your main source of natural light by hanging up sleek roller or Venetian blinds in hues that match your wall paint.

Invest in multipurpose furnishings

There’s nothing like double-duty furniture, and IKEA is famous for it. From bed frames with built-in drawers to modular couch arrangements that give you the flexibility of creating sofas, armchairs, and beds, there are plenty of space-saving options out there when it comes to decking out your room with those bulky basics.

Find a good balance between adding cosy accents and creating clutter

While it’s important to inject your own personality into your space via artwork, cushions and quirky knick-knacks, smaller spaces require you to exercise caution when it comes to decorating your room. It’s important to take a measured approach – if your room starts to feel crowded and claustrophobic, simply take out a few pieces and let it resume its calm and natural flow.

Embrace space-saving trends

Right now, floating furniture is a hot commodity in home interior, which is great news for those battling with tight spaces. Floating shelves are a perfect alternative to bedside tables, while hanging light bulbs threaded through wall brackets are a great replacement for awkward lamps. If you find yourself tackling a tiny kitchen, why not suspend an old wooden ladder from the ceiling and use it to hang your pots and pans from.

Beautify your storage solutions

Last but not least, finding smart ways to tuck away all those things you don’t use on the regular is key to capitalising on your limited use of space. However, storage solutions don’t need to be an eyesore; in fact, rather than trying to awkwardly hide them, you can turn them into eye-catching feature pieces if you apply just a little creative zest…