Think about the last room you entered. What was the vibe you got? What kind of mood did it evoke? How did you feel while you were in there? There are many elements in a room’s design that all contribute to the tone of your space, but one of the key anchor points is your windows. When you decide to redress those glass panes, you want to make sure you are choosing a treatment that aligns with the mood you are aiming to invoke. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways blinds can provide the window to your room’s soul…

The cosy cocoon

These are those rooms that you sink into after a hard day’s work. It’s that taste of indulgence and peaceful serenity, where corners are transformed into reading nooks and oversized cushions speckle the room. Blockout Roman blinds in rich textured fabrics and dark colours are a perfect choice here; they add that little touch of layered romantic flair in their folded design, blocking the outside world out and allowing you to seep into a meditational ‘me-time’ flow.

The sun-kissed sanctuary

You know those lazy Sunday mornings where you don your dressing gown, pour yourself a cup of coffee and shuffle into the living area to lounge about? You can easily achieve that warm, inviting ambience by hoisting up a stylish set of timber Venetian blinds. Choose a natural coloured wood to give that golden glow and find yourself soaking up those chinks of rays pouring through the slats as you bask in relaxation.

The man cave

There are some areas that just need total blockout from everything, and one of these is of course, the man cave. For window treatments that will ensure a darkened, soundproof room perfect for putting up your feet and indulging in a movie marathon with your mates, a set of plain honeycomb blinds can help to create just that. The architectural design of the blinds is ideal for adding insulation to a room while giving an interesting, edgy aesthetic.

The bare minimalist

Scandinavian-inspired minimalism is one of the hottest interior design trends right now, characterised by a stripped-back vibe and a monochromatic colour palette. To help get this look, a set of roller blinds to adorn your window is perfect – they are simplistically chic, injecting just the right amount of contemporary drama to your space. With their diffusing, softening effects and streamlined impact, light filtering roller blinds in a crisp white or silver shade are perfect for inducing a modern European-flavoured taste of sophistication.

The light-and-airy retreat

If you’re lucky enough to have a big, open room with floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping views of your garden, why not play on your perks by dressing those oversized glass panes with gorgeous sunscreen panel blinds? These understated yet sophisticated treatments allow generous amounts of sunlight to flow through the room while maintaining your stunning views, providing an ideal space to entertain guests for a Saturday afternoon lunch. We’re picturing crisp white walls, sprawling light timber floorboards, plush sofa settings and a cavalcade of indoor plants…