Often, we take our windows for granted. We tend to forget how important these little portholes of natural light are to our space, and the power they can yield in transforming a room. After all, they have the ability to set the atmosphere, elevate our moods, and encourage productivity.

Here at DIY Blinds, we think it’s time to start paying attention to those seemingly innocuous glass panes. So, without any further ado, here are three beaut DIY ideas for making the most of your windows, no matter what kind of home-dweller you’re catering to.

FOR THE KIDS: Turn a corner into a calm zone

While playtime is certainly important for little ones, any parent out there knows those blossoming minds need their rest as well. However, it can often be difficult to settle a child during the daytime. Here is where you can take an ordinary bedroom window and transform it into a cosy little nook where you and your child can retreat to for some quiet time.

How to furnish it: Simply lay down some fluffy rugs, prop up some cushions, and line a wall with a small bookshelf displaying your child’s favourite reads. If you can, try to further boost the privacy of this little alcove by hanging some sheer curtains or sheets as a sweet little ‘doorway’ separating it from the rest of the space. String up some colourful bunting flags and fairy lights and you have yourself a magical little oasis.

Window treatment required: Double roller blinds featuring blockout + light filtering shades. The light filtering fabric is perfect for letting that important daylight stream through and stimulate your child’s mind, while the blockout blind can be drawn to darken the room and encourage sleep when nap time arrives. This nifty option also provides ultimate privacy all day and night, which is fundamental in a child’s bedroom.

FOR THE TEENS: Build a study space

Trying to motivate your teenager to study can admittedly be a tenuous task. That’s why it’s important to delegate a specific study space in your home where your son or daughter can feel encouraged to tackle their homework. When it comes to massaging those brain cells and boosting energy levels, natural light significantly trumps artificial light, so pick a spot with a generous window and work that DIY magic.

How to furnish it: Naturally, a study space isn’t complete without a desk. Simplistic desks featuring slimline drawers and hairpin legs are one of the hottest trends right now – just make sure you invest in something that has enough storage space to accommodate for your teenager’s needs. Forego the standard office chair for something a little more funky, such as a Scandanivian-inspired bucket chair complete with a cushion for comfort. Finish the space off with a healthy scattering of indoor pot plants, some candles to inject a sense of calmness, and a cool collection of stationery.

Window treatment required: Venetian blinds. These will block out 95% of those harsh UV rays and reduce any glare bouncing off computer screens, while still enabling that all-important dose of natural sunlight. Your teen can also adjust the angle of the blinds’ slats according to the time of day, therefore allowing them to set it to their preference (after all, we know how picky adolescents can be!).

FOR THE ADULTS: Create a reading nook

Finding some ‘me time’ between juggling work, maintaining the house and looking after the kids can be challenging. It’s important to create your own personal zone in the home, and we reckon the best way to do this is to put the phone on silent and enjoy some creature comforts. We love the idea of setting up your own personal reading nook overlooking views of the garden, allowing you to get back in touch with nature in a totally tech-free way.

How to furnish it: A beautiful big occasional chair complete with a matching ottoman is essential. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a bay window or a series of adjacent windows, why not go all out? Install your own window seat (which is also ideal for doubling up as storage space), or a beautiful day bed that simply exudes rich luxury. Finish it off with a little side table displaying a vase of flowers, and some floating shelves or an antique little cupboard to store your impressive reading collection.

Window treatment required: Sunscreen Roman blinds. These blinds offer the perfect blend of soft romantic vibes and daytime privacy while allowing a good balance of natural light to flow through. They block out 95% of UV rays, so you’re not sweltering in your chair or battling with blinding-white book pages, yet they still provide beautiful sweeping views of your garden and enough natural light to read without resorting to a lamp.